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Produktiv Media develops winning marketing and communications strategies and implements them through websites, digital marketing, and the production of engaging rich content for your audience.



Sernova Financial

Marketing Support

Website Relaunch including copy review, writing, editing, migration and SEO - Communications support through presentation and newsletter templates - Branding: Visual Identity, Digital Assets, layout and design

Sernova Financial is a rapidly-growing fintech startup based in the City of London providing post-trade services to banks by recreating the infrastructure of a traditional clearing broker in the cloud. This enables multi asset class self- and client-clearing across CCPs. Produktiv Media supported Sernova Financial's growth and brand development through the creation of improved communications tools and a brand new website. The key challenge was to communicate the highly technical service offering in a way that would satisfy technical and non-technical audiences alike. This was done through in-depth copy review and the creation of many graphical elements (flow charts, infographics, 3D graphics, photography...) to accompany the company's communications.


Sony Website Content Quality Improvement Project

Content Creation - Web Design - Consulting - Communications - Project Management At any given time Sony handles over 20.000 products whose technical specifications and marketing messages are available online in all European languages. Before this project began, product information quality was of poor quality and uneven, even across the same product line. This project served to asses, manage the correction of, and streamline the processes involved in creating and translating product sheets and website content across Sony Europe’s websites.

SonyStyle Store Year-End Event

Event production, sound, light and video design

Wilcox Limousines

Multilingual Sales and eBusiness Support

Paris Exhibit Translation - Brochure translation - Sales support - Marketing support - eBusiness support - Web design & Development

Wilcox Limousines is the UK's market leader for the construction of limousines, hearses private ambulances, removal vans and hearsettes. Employing over 150 people in three locations, their product line is based on Jaguar, Volvo and Ford vehicles. Wilcox Limousines has supplied vehicles for use by the British Royal Family as well as for state funerals around the world. Produktiv Media has helped Wilcox Limousines market its unique offer through translation, sales/marketing OPEX, eBusiness and exhibit support. Our work was key in establishing the Wilcox brand in new markets.


Avios/British Airways Ad and Landing Page design & development

Midpoint is an established FCA payments institution specialised in cost-efficient foreign currency payments through their website. Produktiv Media supported Midpoint's rapid growth through ad and landing page design and development for a campaign designed to promote the brand with, and convert British Airways/Avios customers into Midpoint customers.

protectismundi GmbH

Indo Firex 2017 – Promotional Videos

Video editing - Copy writing - Soundtrack - Voice-overs - Logo design

ProtectisMundi Gmbh is a German business specialised in holistic firefighting solutions. To support their presence at the 2017 Indo FIREX (Indonesia's Official Fire Protection, Rescue, Safety, and Health exhibition) in Jakarta, Produktiv Media produced 11 video segments showcasing ProtectisMundi's flagship armored firefighting MARDER tanks, originally designed for nuclear/biochemical warfare and re-engineered to be the most effective solution for high-risk firefighting, catastrophe management, rescue, safety, and anti-terror operations. Produktiv Media's video segments allowed ProtectisMundi to present its unique offer and sucessfully engage the local firefighting community in Jakarta's FIREX without incurring the high costs of shipping physical tanks to the exhibition.

Essex Aesthetics

Website relaunch

Website design and development - Copy writing - Digital Marketing - SEO

Chelmsford-based anti-aging clinic Essex Aesthetics needed a complete overhaul of its website. The old website presented a number of challenges that needed to be addressed. No CTA (Call to action), aging design, thin content, poor search engine performance... Produktiv Media provided the necessary support through branding, design, web development, and search engine optimisation (SEO) and relaunched the website. Post-relaunch, the new website allowed the business to grow by 80% within the first year.


Campaign Management - Content Creation - Consulting - Communications - Exhibit Creation - Project Management - Programme Management

Case Study: Communications, Exhibit creation, Frankfurt Motor Show (Automechanika)

Automechanika is the largest automobile aftermarket trade fair in the world. The Toyota exhibition showcased Toyota present and future line of cars, accessories, and new One-Stop-Shop and Toyota Express Service services. With a stand of more than 800m², and a great representation of some key Toyota products and services, the aim was to show professionals and the press what Toyota customer service and after sales stands for, in an attractive and convincing way.


Campaign Management - Content Creation - Web Design - Consulting - Communications - Exhibit Creation - Project Management

Reactivator Campaign

Reactivator was a 3-month internal sales and customer service campaign held in the 99 countries of DHL’s Emerging Markets region. The objective was to strengthen sales through the “reactivation” of accounts that hadn’t traded in over 3 months through a cash incentive and campaign buzz through paraphernalia. The campaign’s theme was designed around the Terminator 3 motion picture. The following were subsequently produced:
  • 2 promotional videos featuring senior DHL staff and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kristanna Loken lookalikes.
  • 2 204 branded sales boxes containing T-shirts, pens, lead sheets, and other branded items.
  • 531 sets for people from across the organisation
  • 346 male and female Reactivator pop ups
  • 1 204 posters
  • 2 133 silver Reactivator-branded balloons
  • 14 Reactivator stands
The campaign was a tremendous success with the reactivation of 2241 accounts.  

EMEA CS Sales Challenge

DHL’s CS Sales Challenge campaign was a 14-week internal Customer Service campaign held over 14 countries in the EMEA region. The objective of the campaign was to help transition DHL’s EMEA’s costly Customer Service function into a cash flow positive activity through the stimulation of internal competition and incentives for the sales of Worldwide Package Exchange (WPX) products. The ongoing results and rankings were captured, commented, and redistributed to the 400+ agents through a weekly newsletter. The campaign was also successful as it resulted in over 84 tonnes worth of new shipments.

BLEND Network

Website launch support

Content review and copy writing - Email Templates - Printed Brochures, PowerPoint Templates/Corporate Pdf

BLEND Network is a London-based Fintech business which allows people to make money by lending to established UK businesses. Produktiv Media supported the launch of BLEND Network's website through the writing and editing of FCA-compliant website copy, printed brochures, leaflets, and email templates.


Cities for Living

Sound Design - Music Composition - Audio Production

The Cities for Living campaign and accompanying video was to promote Veolia’s vision of the city of tomorrow on basis of survey data collected by the Veolia Observatory of Urban Lifestyles. This was later featured in many well-known media outlets such as CNN International.


Website design and development

Before opening his restaurant on the French Riviera, Hugo Marques worked for critically-acclaimed restaurants in France, Belgium, and the UK including internships in Michelin starred kitchens. 6 months after the business's opening, Chef Marques commissioned Produktiv Media to deliver the CommChezSoi's website. This dramatically improved the restaurant's visibility. Shortly thereafter, Hugo Marques's CommeChezSoi would itself be inspected and recognized by Michelin in its own right. Bon Appetit!


EDF Bleu Ciel advertising

Music Composition - Advertising - Audio Production

Bleu Ciel is a consumer energy brand of energy giant EDF. This particular television advert supported the launch of its photovoltaic solar panel products and services over the French market.


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