DHL Emerging Markets

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Reactivator Campaign

Reactivator was a 3-month internal sales and customer service campaign held in the 99 countries of DHL’s Emerging Markets region. The objective was to strengthen sales through the “reactivation” of accounts that hadn’t traded in over 3 months through a cash incentive and campaign buzz through paraphernalia.

The campaign’s theme was designed around the Terminator 3 motion picture. The following were subsequently produced:

  • 2 promotional videos featuring senior DHL staff and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kristanna Loken lookalikes.
  • 2 204 branded sales boxes containing T-shirts, pens, lead sheets, and other branded items.
  • 531 sets for people from across the organisation
  • 346 male and female Reactivator pop ups
  • 1 204 posters
  • 2 133 silver Reactivator-branded balloons
  • 14 Reactivator stands

The campaign was a tremendous success with the reactivation of 2241 accounts.

EMEA CS Sales Challenge

DHL’s CS Sales Challenge campaign was a 14-week internal Customer Service campaign held over 14 countries in the EMEA region. The objective of the campaign was to help transition DHL’s EMEA’s costly Customer Service function into a cash flow positive activity through the stimulation of internal competition and incentives for the sales of Worldwide Package Exchange (WPX) products. The ongoing results and rankings were captured, commented, and redistributed to the 400+ agents through a weekly newsletter.

The campaign was also successful as it resulted in over 84 tonnes worth of new shipments.